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About the Name

How did we choose the name Zoolu!?

The minute Zoolu! came to mind, we knew it was the perfect name for our business! For those of you that are military, many of you know that Zulu is the term used to ensure that all pilots, regardless of their location, are using the same universal 24-hour clock in order to avoid confusion when coordinating flights between time zones. In both the flying world and at Zoolu!, timing is everything! We felt that Zoolu! was a great spin on the time-related word, Zulu, and that it embodied what Zoolu! sets out to do on a daily basis -- save our customers both time and money by providing thousands of top name-brand and personalized products at competitive prices with unparalleled customer service in a very time-efficient manner. (Our loyal customers often remark..."Wow! Your package came SO FAST!")

In addition to loving its relation to time, we also love how the name Zoolu! is not specific to one area of retail. Though our focus right now is on products that will simplify the lives of young families, we have often been asked, "When is Zoolu! going to add pet products to your site?" or "When will Zoolu! expand to include home decor?" The possibilties with Zoolu! are endless and we look forward to continuing to expand to serve the needs of families both stateside and abroad in the years to come!